Flo White



On June 10, 2017, Flo White, passed away peacefully in her sleep in her EVO condominium in DTLA at age 84. Flo was a well-known DTLA celebrity who everyone loved and adored. Flo was known for talking to strangers and inviting them to “smile, it doesn’t cost you anything”.

Flo was born to Polish immigrants and was raised in the Chicago area. Flo moved to her home in Carter Lake Iowa in 1962 with her husband John White from Alabama. Flo and John raised two boys. Her son Jim is a long-term resident of downtown Los Angeles.

Flo loved her life in and on Carter Lake. She spent many hours boating, paddle boating and swimming in Carter Lake. She always welcomed friends and acquaintances into her home to enjoy life on the lake.

Flo began her career at the Carter Lake Library as a volunteer. She went on to become the Head Librarian for over 25 years. In addition to her work as the Librarian, Flo spent countless hours as a volunteer in and around Carter Lake. She was one of the original members of the Carter Lake Betterment Committee. Flo cherished the time she spent as a volunteer at the Carter Lake Boys and Girls Club. In her later years, Flo volunteered as a home Hospice worker and helped those in need as they spent their last hours and days before passing. When someone needed a volunteer they knew they could count on Flo to step up to the plate and share her skills. Flo wrote a weekly column for the Daily Nonpareil newspaper in Council Bluffs Iowa for over forty years.

In a brave move in 2007, Flo at the age of 74 left Iowa and moved to Los Angeles to live in DTLA at the Continental Building. While in DTLA, Flo made new friends daily. She loved her new life, while still cherishing fond memories of her life in Carter Lake. DTLA and Iowa could not be more different, yet Flo embraced the community just as she always had in Iowa. She was active in volunteering to end homelessness in LA and she had input into the design of the Spring Street Park. She would meet her new DTLA friends at Pete’s Cafe for cocktails regularly and was adopted by Ricky the Pirate (who was homeless) as his ‘GodMother’. Flo would stay in contact with Ricky’s Mother when she was concerned about her son.

What Flo loved most about DTLA was that she lived near her son Jim and that he took such wonderful care of her every need. She could frequently be heard saying, “My Jimmy treats me like a queen”. Flo was a master of relationships because she expressed so much love and respect for everyone in her life. People were attracted to her glowing presence and she was a wise sage to many.

She adopted her dear friend Julie Anderson of DTLA as her official daughter. Julie was a key person in her life along with her favorite French son in law, Alex LiMandri. Both of whom were with her when she passed in her sleep, with a smile on her face.

Those who knew Flo loved her for her unconditional love, wisdom, eccentricities, eclectic style and compassionate caring for others. She was truly a woman before her time. Flo did not want tears at her death and she wished for her flowers to being to her while she was still alive (which thanks to Julie Anderson and the LA Flower Market her wish came true twice a week).

Rest in Peace my BFF. You will be missed and will not be forgotten. You were an important part of the amazing growth and evolution of so many amazing people and things, especially me!

A Flo White - 'Celebration of Life event' will be held in Los Angeles on her 85th Birthday 10.7.17. Location and details to follow soon.